Life At The Margin

In Clayton M. Christensen’s book “How Will You Measure Your Life”, he poses a powerful principle: that it can be perilous to assess costs marginally. If you decide that you’ll make every decision on a day-to-day basis, you’ll never get there from here. First, you need to make the decision to commit to your principles 100 percent, because without that, … [Continue reading]

Jesus Is ____ (Bringing Sexy Back)

Credits: The City Church, Judah Smith
From: Jesus Is, the music project
The transcript of the sermon jam “Jesus Is Bringing Sexy Back”
Project Message: It’s grace that sets people free from sin. Not law, not legalism, not customs, not traditions, not do’s and don’ts, but the grace of God!


In the area of sex … [Continue reading]

Letters: Silence

From: Me
To: Her
Subject: Silence

In the Midst of Deafening Silence

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I still can’t bring myself to talk to you. My heart is still filled with frustration toward you. But it is also filled with compassion and longing to know you, and to thank you for the time you spent … [Continue reading]

Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge is…


Rather than getting carried away by the soaring vocals and intricate guitar riffs, I invite you to look harder at this heavy rock band. Alter Bridge’s instrumentation and lyrics are deep and delivered so effortlessly that it is easy to miss the band’s true complexity. Their content strikes a balance of emotively direct and conceptually metaphoric as … [Continue reading]

Fish Lake Trails 2013

In 2012, I made a trip to Fish Lake and Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove. The sights were so spectacular that I wanted to make it an annual event! There is something to be said however for arriving at the right time. The light needs to be just right (usually early afternoon) and the leaves and trees also … [Continue reading]

A New Beginning

I have been thinking on where to start the story. A story of redemption, grace, and truth. In many ways, the story didn’t begin until September 8th, 2012. Everything prior was a prologue. A catalyst for the moment I rededicated my life to Christ. My eyes and ears were opened anew to life. A journey of true freedom began. This … [Continue reading]

Ironman Wisconsin 2013 – A Spectator’s Personal Narrative

I couldn’t imagine being in the water as the cannon sounded over the waters of Lake Monona. That sound means no turning back. That sound means “go” and don’t stop until finished. 140.6 miles later.

The IRONMAN had just begun. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run.

This year, my brother was the one in the water. With … [Continue reading]

Wisconsin Ironman Spectator Guide

Your athlete has been prepping for months and months. They’ve swam more miles than most 5Kers jog in an entire year. They’ve biked enough miles to cross the US from north to south. And they’ve run more miles than the amount of driving you do in a single week. The training for each of these three sport disciplines isn’t just … [Continue reading]

Steamed Mussels

Incredibly simple. Absolutely delicious. Highly customizable. A lover’s food. A romantic eating experience.

I love these as a meal! Especially with those I care about. They take just 20 minutes to prepare, 10-15 of that is just prepping the broth ingredients and cooking it down to solidify flavor and aromatics. The remaining time is watching the mussels open after placing … [Continue reading]