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Venture Expeditions

Venture is a non-profit missions-based organization that partners with local churches and organizations to facilitate Care Points focusing on education, food security and discipleship for refugees and oppressed people in Southeast Asia. Venture also partners with ministries in the region to fight human trafficking, empower oppressed people, plant churches and create sustainable futures for individuals and communities. Venture is able to do this in a unique way through its adventurous approach to building community.

Read Venture’s mission statement below while you watch the video! If you came here from my prior Tour post, click on the video again! The music is amazing and it sets an upbeat tone that gives life to the cause as you read on. Happy learning!

About Venture

Venture Projects in Northern Thailand & Eastern Burma

Venture currently works throughout Northern Thailand and Eastern Burma in partnership with local schools, municipalities, community centers, missionaries, churches, and through programs and projects that Venture facilitate themselves. Each community is faced with specific issues, including but not limited to: food shortages, governmental instability, military oppression, racial inequalities and religious oppression.

Venture’s work in that region is primarily divided into three initiatives: Education, Food Security and Discipleship. Each community is faced with unique issues and challenges, so the way in which Venture operates differs depending on the specific needs of the community. Here’s a breakdown of the different areas they are working in:

  • Northern Thailand – The HOSEA Center is located just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand in the village of Ban Pong. Our center offers the community a number of educational and developmental resources including part-time teachers, child sponsorships, day camps, recreational activities, community empowerment programs, community outreach and an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

  • Eastern Burma – Venture partners with Solomon Socher, an Ahka pastor from Burma who works with families and communities throughout Eastern Burma. Their work includes Safe Houses that provide a location for Christians to gather for worship and to support one another, and also serves as a safe place for individuals recovering from forced prostitution, rape and domestic violence to be counseled and restored to healthy lives. In addition to these Safe Houses, Venture provides a stable environment for local orphans to be enrolled in school and other community programs.

  • The Thailand/Burma Border – The influx of refugees fleeing from Burma to Thailand has created an overwhelming need for support. Venture partners with local pastors and Feed My Starving Children to operate a Refugee Care Point near Mae Ramat, along the Thai/Burma Border. This Care Point offers much needed food security, while also serving as a center for educational opportunities for refugee children and a place for local Christians to gather and worship together.

The need in each community is great, and so Venture’s presence continues to grow as YOU help to address these needs. In 2013, Venture hosted five international teams that served alongside the projects, experiencing first-hand the struggles our brothers and sisters endure daily. Venture also helped distribute over 1.9 million emergency meals to Burmese refugees living near our Refugee Care Point, partnering with Feed My Starving Children.

Venture also partners with organizations like Convoy of Hope, Blood:Water Mission, International Justice Mission.

You can find more information about Venture Expeditions at the below links:

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