Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili With Pepper Jack Cheese

With a busy schedule during the week and wanting to be able to share lots of food with all my friends, it makes sense to cook in large batches! So why not use a slow cooker to do all the work for me? This was my logic when I asked for a crock-pot for Christmas and I will say that … [Continue reading]

Steamed Mussels

Incredibly simple. Absolutely delicious. Highly customizable. A lover’s food. A romantic eating experience.

I love these as a meal! Especially with those I care about. They take just 20 minutes to prepare, 10-15 of that is just prepping the broth ingredients and cooking it down to solidify flavor and aromatics. The remaining time is watching the mussels open after placing … [Continue reading]

Homemade Orange Chicken

This recipe is taken from The Feed Zone cookbook by Biju Thomas & Allen Lim. This dish has been a staple when sharing a group meal due to the surprising restaurant-quality flavor using simple ingredients. In this recipe, I also offer suggestions for amending the dish for variation and enhancing the experience!

The key to this recipe is the sauce … [Continue reading]

Mousse Pie

A very fast, simple recipe that is delicious however you make it! This is a recipe from my childhood that my mom used to make and that dad my loved with every creamy bite, so this pie is near and dear to my heart! It is a tad expensive ($7-15), but when you need to whip something up lovingly yet … [Continue reading]