Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili With Pepper Jack Cheese

With a busy schedule during the week and wanting to be able to share lots of food with all my friends, it makes sense to cook in large batches! So why not use a slow cooker to do all the work for me? This was my logic when I asked for a crock-pot for Christmas and I will say that … [Continue reading]

Life At The Margin

In Clayton M. Christensen’s book “How Will You Measure Your Life”, he poses a powerful principle: that it can be perilous to assess costs marginally. If you decide that you’ll make every decision on a day-to-day basis, you’ll never get there from here. First, you need to make the decision to commit to your principles 100 percent, because without that, … [Continue reading]

Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge is…


Rather than getting carried away by the soaring vocals and intricate guitar riffs, I invite you to look harder at this heavy rock band. Alter Bridge’s instrumentation and lyrics are deep and delivered so effortlessly that it is easy to miss the band’s true complexity. Their content strikes a balance of emotively direct and conceptually metaphoric as … [Continue reading]

Steamed Mussels

Incredibly simple. Absolutely delicious. Highly customizable. A lover’s food. A romantic eating experience.

I love these as a meal! Especially with those I care about. They take just 20 minutes to prepare, 10-15 of that is just prepping the broth ingredients and cooking it down to solidify flavor and aromatics. The remaining time is watching the mussels open after placing … [Continue reading]

Financial Wisdom

Hi! I’m here to share personal finance wisdom with you! Don’t worry, it’ll be fun – it’s hardly the drudgery of textbooks like you might think. The advice in this blog is not only my own, but also references everything that I’ve learned from and that still inspires me today to live well and live by principles. There is enough … [Continue reading]

My Introduction to Cycling

There is nothing like the feeling of arriving at a destination under your own power – your human power. As a human, you are an elite organic engine that can adapt and be trained into higher and higher levels of fitness and technique. One of the primary purposes of an engine is transportation, and while it may seem daunting at … [Continue reading]

What is…Mr. Money Mustache?

What if you quit your job tomorrow? Do you know how much you actually need to live a healthy lifestyle on? Do you have healthy habits, and can you train yourself to create new ones that enable you to live with more long-term gratification and foresight? Can you flex your self denial / frugality muscle without feeling regret or loss? … [Continue reading]

Homemade Orange Chicken

This recipe is taken from The Feed Zone cookbook by Biju Thomas & Allen Lim. This dish has been a staple when sharing a group meal due to the surprising restaurant-quality flavor using simple ingredients. In this recipe, I also offer suggestions for amending the dish for variation and enhancing the experience!

The key to this recipe is the sauce … [Continue reading]

Mousse Pie

A very fast, simple recipe that is delicious however you make it! This is a recipe from my childhood that my mom used to make and that dad my loved with every creamy bite, so this pie is near and dear to my heart! It is a tad expensive ($7-15), but when you need to whip something up lovingly yet … [Continue reading]

What is…Mint?

Budgets Made Easy With Mint

Tired of tracking your spending? Want to actually watch your spending in real-time, AUTOMATICALLY? Curious about your net worth? Mint makes it easy – all in 15 minutes or less. AND IT’S FREE!

Mint is no cure-all. … [Continue reading]