Financial Wisdom

Hi! I’m here to share personal finance wisdom with you! Don’t worry, it’ll be fun – it’s hardly the drudgery of textbooks like you might think. The advice in this blog is not only my own, but also references everything that I’ve learned from and that still inspires me today to live well and live by principles. There is enough … [Continue reading]

What is…Mr. Money Mustache?

What if you quit your job tomorrow? Do you know how much you actually need to live a healthy lifestyle on? Do you have healthy habits, and can you train yourself to create new ones that enable you to live with more long-term gratification and foresight? Can you flex your self denial / frugality muscle without feeling regret or loss? … [Continue reading]

What is…Mint?

Budgets Made Easy With Mint

Tired of tracking your spending? Want to actually watch your spending in real-time, AUTOMATICALLY? Curious about your net worth? Mint makes it easy – all in 15 minutes or less. AND IT’S FREE!

Mint is no cure-all. … [Continue reading]