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From: Cherise
To: MyLifeInsideMyHead.com
Subject: Soul Healing

I have seen many supernatural things in my relationship with Jesus. I totally agree with Todd White! I operate in some gifting but have been mentored for a year by an awesome woman of God mainly for soul healing. I have cut soul ties, generational spirits and assignments, and am now in the process of renewing my mind. My question is this: does the “process” of soul healing ever end? Love in CHRIST – Cherise

From: MyLifeInsideMyHead.com
To: Cherise
RE: Subject: Soul Healing

Hi Cherise! Keep pressing into God. May these words of wisdom assist you and give you hope in your walk with Christ! May you feel cherished by God and know more of His glory and power!

Define Cherish

In The Power Of God

Cutting soul ties, generational spirits, breaking agreements, bonds, assignments, nullifying claims, rejecting lies and words of power, and closing the door to the kingdom of darkness…each of these things are final and conclusive through the power and grace of our Heavenly Father and through the finishing work and authority of Jesus and the cross. If our freedom and cleansing is attributed to anything other than God (humanism: our own decisions, will, discipline, vows, or emotional process) then we haven’t achieved full healing or received true finality.

In God We Find All Things

God’s love is perfect and pure and everlasting. We need to trust that in Him we find full healing for our heart, soul, identity, true life, and personal transformation. Through the promise of Christ, as evidence by the Holy Spirit that was poured upon us, we are to live an eternal life with God! We will spend an eternity growing in knowledge and experience of God, and His magnificence and goodness will captivate and change us for all of time as we behold Him and worship Him!

Surely if we are to spend eternity with God, healing, identity, truth, power, perfect and everlasting love, and fullness of life must be there in Him! Where else could they be? Where else? If God is all of eternity, what exists outside of Him? What else truly life-giving can be found outside of God? Thus there is nothing that we can’t find in Him, now and in the life to come. The sin of Adam, Eve, and Satan was that they sought life outside of God by seeking the capacity to know and determine good and evil for themselves. In essence, they desired a new life in their own individuality and self-centeredness outside of God’s domain. But, outside of God is what? Darkness. Fear. Insecurity. Temporal Power. Carnality.

God’s Power Affects Both Spiritual and Natural

Through God all things are bound in Heaven and on Earth. When we seek full healing and resolution for our soul and spiritual matters, finality and power is found through Him! We must present from our heart a confession of the situation, asking and trusting God to administer justice to make things right according to His holy standard, and most importantly lay down our burdens and choose forgiveness to others completely in our heart. By doing so in the light of our Father, this is a fragrant offering of repentance and forgiveness, and He is faithful to spiritually free us, renew us, and cleanse our soul. Cleansing and freedom is granted as a finality through our identity as a child of God.

In the end, our walk is not to be one of the soul; we are to walk by the spirit. Soul healing is a necessary element to cast off the burdens in our soul so that we can renew our mind in a life-giving fashion. Once renewed, our mind will be patterned after the knowledge and revelation our spirit has received from God, and our mind will help us remember, trust, and be steadfast in God’s love even when we do not feel it in our spirit. We are to know God, not just feel Him. Soul healing and a renewing of our mind is a part of the sanctification process such that when we are whole, we can give up our natural reign and lovingly let our spirit govern and empower every aspect of our life and expression.

Spiritual Warfare

However the enemy may still revisit the previous soul wounds and pull us back into natural living. The enemy’s pressure in those healing areas can make it feel like we aren’t renewed or cleansed. We need to remember that we resolved things in the light of our Heavenly Father! We can then determine that the pressure upon where our wounds were is actually spiritual warfare.

The key to spiritual warfare is to resist from our heart and from our spirit the attempts at the enemy to provoke us to change our belief! We must hold onto the light we have been given! We are not to disbelieve our life and walk in seeping darkness. Hold fast to your belief and don’t identify with the enemy’s provocations on your soul! I would encourage you to check out a resource from Bethel Church’s para-ministry Nothing Hidden, which presents a prayer tool to engage in spiritual warfare against what is coming against you in the spiritual realm.

Renewing Your Mind And Heart

On the matter of renewing your mind and the process of soul healing, you will begin to see new facets of your soul and heart that need to be sanctified and purified in godliness as you renew your mind and grow in your heart and love for God. You will gain a vision and understanding of God’s design for purity, love, relationship, holiness, mercy, graciousness, truth, and true abundant life! Such is the basis for conviction and true transformation. As I said before, any basis for freedom, cleansing, change, or healing outside of God or his truth is not true genuine spiritual change in the manner of God’s goodness – anything less is human understanding instead of divine revelation. Thus, we should desire to grasp the things of God and believe in Him because He presents to us the way of life and offers redemption and purity and innocence through Him. This is why God came! He came to make a way for us to become like His son in purity and righteousness and to walk in our true spiritual identity as a sanctified son and daughter of God.

Though we have visions for what life and hope look like, we often yet need to work out many issues in our life. Whether that be:

  • Issues of self worth that limit our life and self belief; we ought to believe that we are pure children of God capable of living a life of love and wholeness, without any darkness, in step with the Spirit and walking out our days with a tender heart for Jesus, so we can be Jesus to others
  • Lingering or prominent desires for sexual and spiritual impurity that draw us to darkness as we gratify the gift of sex and relationship with our own appetites of selfish consumption; consumption and possessiveness are not love, it is covetousness and evil worship
  • Relational idolatry that desires for us to be consumed by others instead of our heart’s affections being captured by Christ alone; let us be secure in heart that Christ our true desire and out of that we love others, not loving or coveting others out of need or jealousy
  • Co-dependency and people pleasing that ties our value and identity to a relationship and to people’s opinions and expectations, rather than having an autonomous, incorruptible, and life-giving self-identity through our security, hope, and relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Issues of pride and ego that seek to harden us against God and raise our self as lord of our own life, as well as compel us to act in self-righteous ways toward others in comparison. Our hearts are supposed to be tender, our spirits boldly meek, and we are to resist the spirits of self-preservation, self-pride, and self-satisfaction; by doing so we escape the mire of self love/pity and self absorption, and can see clearly all the paths that lead to self life and instead choose the true path of life through God and forsaking a life of pride
  • Slavery to our emotions and fleshly appetites, impulses, and compulsions that bid for our own destruction. The flames of emotion may rise around us, but we are to be steadfast and cool, serving out of truth and choosing out of patience rather than in short-term gratification. Our needs are filled in Christ, and as we rest in that we are secure, self controlled not by rule but by strength of spirit, and generous in love
  • A coveting heart. A covetous heart seeks completion of self through acquisition and manifests itself in comparison, selfish ambition, duplicity, desirous agendas, and a filter of control on all elements of life as it grasps in heart for things not its own. Even if not presented externally, a heart that covets internally ruins the soul-life of the person, giving it over to the sinful nature and flesh through anger, judgment, control, and selfishness. A coveting heart is a root of lust, pride, idolatry, co-dependency, self consciousness, and emotional slavery. Gratitude and trust in the Lord for everything, taking nothing for your self is the way to live. In our living, we must mind our own character, teachability, identity, security, and obedience to Him in all things, looking to nothing for our self but to share God’s love and spirit. God will be the one to promote us and give us all things to steward, for those who are trusted and faithful in little will be trusted with greater things.
  • Soul wounds that burden us; a wound to our heart that drags us down into the depths of emotion and to the bottomless pit of despair, self torment, and self pity. In falling so far, we gave up our identity into personal relationships or into our personal effort to deliver and perform. We are brought so low because our faith in our self is crushed and we live without self belief or in the light and truth of God. At such a depth, the light of God must shine. We must speak truth and prime our heart to hear and receive. We also must let our self grieve so that we can transition our heart back into wholeness
  • Mindsets of victimization that entrap us in ideas of powerlessness, self pity, and blaming others. We must begin taking responsibility; only then do we take a position of power that allows us to combat negativity and denial
  • Crippling insecurity and self consciousness that imprisons our consciousness inside our soul; in this prison, we can’t look cleanly toward God or live from His strength because we choose to filter His truth and His life-giving power through our own beliefs and doubts about our self. We must stop living out of our mind that has been conditioned in judgment and negativity toward our selves. We must stand of spiritual truth and begin renewing our minds, reconditioning them with light and clarity from our spiritual foundation rather than from within our darkened mind
  • Disabling doubt and depression that prevents seeds from taking root and from developing others-attachment, due to the need to self-preserve or self-protect; this is a spirit of isolation. God gives us something more – a life and a light to share with others
  • Disobedience and passivity that causes our soul and spirit to languish because we do not take responsibility, actions, or are accountable to anyone or anything. God desires for us let rivers of life flow through us. To stem this river is to pent up our spirit and to govern our self with preservation and control. This is not spiritual generosity or love. God calls us to be a light and to love one another so that others may know God through our love. To this aim we are made accountable to displaying the glory of God. Our life is not our own for Christ’s life in us must be expressed through us. Let us be powerful in spirit!
  • Issues of controlling others, controlling our self, or controlling our relationships; control is an attempt to avoid vulnerability, healthy inter-dependency, authentic trusting relationships, and honest collaboration with others. Control is also a form of judgment. Instead of controlling others, we should listen to our own conscience so that we start taking responsibility for our self
  • Living out of fear or defensiveness, through the ego and comparison, as if everything will take something away from you. This is a life of slavery, not a life of freedom! This a life of carnality, not a life of the spirit! True life is this – nothing can ever take your identity and abundant spiritual everlasting life through God our father. Nothing! To live in fear of loss of our identity, status, name, possessions and wealth, image, and even our life is to not rest in the glory and truth of God – that knowing Him and His ways of life assure us all things. We cannot be at rest if our hearts have anything other than God himself as our primary affection surpassing all others
  • Secretly harboring in our heart negative attitudes, negative beliefs, criticisms, anger and unforgiveness; each of these poisons our soul and mind as we live out a life of hypocrisy and duplicity because we don’t show or release what we are holding onto in the depth of our heart; we are NOT these evil things we hold on to; we should release them from our selfish grasp and begin to think and hold onto things that are true, right, noble, honorable, lovely, attractive, and pure
  • Living out of brokenness and from a spirit of failure and death; believing that we are broken, powerless, and going to fail, so why try and be strong when it all ebbs away? In this, we have believed that we are worthless or incompetent. The truth is that God created us well and the spirit of Godly living is to operate out of a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind. We ought to not be disappointed, but to see failure as a step in growth and expansion
  • Motivating ourselves by guilt, shame, condemnation, obligation, and required servitude. Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control are the true motivations we are to live by. Against these latter things, there is no law, only full life!
  • Reacting to life through our emotions and habitual patterns instead of responding to life out of newness, security, and desire to change and grow
  • Selfishness and impure desires apart from God (e.g. lust, jealousy, covetousness, envy, hatred, idolatry, greed, pride, vanity) that seek to gain and take things for our self based on a perceived need or want or emptiness, desired outside of the security and blessings of God and outside of right relationship and with others. Selfishness and its sins destroy our very being by deconstructing who we are and what we were created to be through God, and in its place tries to acquire and build something else that we define ourselves by and fill ourselves with. Additionally, the manner of taking for our selves erodes our relationships with other people and it does not accurately reflect the Kingdom of God as it is supposed to look in community, which should be characterized by love, security in God, and generosity in our heart through love of Him

Each of these issues will be revealed and convicting to us as we grow in godliness. All of these can be undone as we love God with all our mind, all our strength, all our souls, and all our heart! Why? Because we find rest for our souls in Him. Our worth, value, security, significance, healing, and dependency for how to live life is all from our life-giving relationship with Him because He alone is the strength of our heart and our portion now and forever in Heaven (see Psalm 73).

New Life

Our love for God should be founded not upon discipline, rules, or obligation, but by free choice in knowing and experiencing that God’s way is better and a delight (See Psalm 119!). Think about it. If God came to this planet to show us how to live, would He show us the best way, or simply an alternative way? God’s way is the life of true abundance because it leads us back to Him! Even a sliver of living out God’s virtues is enough to feel part of God’s authentic love and to soften our heart to Him!

To our flesh and to our un-renewed mind, living with generosity, servitude, humility, and thinking of others better than our self feels like sacrifice because sin and selfishness do not understand laying our life down in order to give in selfless love and authentic relationship; in fact, our flesh hates this and it feels unnatural and it attempts to ration all love and generosity to others.

God helps us live a godly life by giving up our old ways of sin through Adam and experiencing the true way of life and freedom to love through Jesus! God loves us and convicts us so that we may grow more fully in Him and ever more like His son. To be like His son is to be free from the world’s hold on us, to be complete and whole persons found, known, and loved by Christ, and to know our unique and personal spiritual identity (worth, belonging, competence, and purpose) from our Heavenly Father who created us. When we are like Jesus, we can love like Jesus:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. It does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. Love always protects, it always trusts, it always hopes, it always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

But the Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-25

Identity In God

A New Identity

To find our identity in God is not to disappear or to only see and acknowledge God as our whole life. To find our identity in God is to know this: we are made to know God and have a relationship with Him. God himself then tells us who we are, and the creation He made us to be! This means our past, our memories, our past relationships, and our old ideas of about life are not meant to be relied upon for our identity. They are simply part of our past, but our newness in God and the life we have now through Godly living (pursuing love) is so great that our past is a story that we have triumphed through by knowing God and it no longer has any hold on us.

Our Past Made Perfect

We need to fight for our heart to learn and experience this freedom, and not live a life trapped by our soul’s concepts, past desires, and patterns. God’s love and God’s glory for our life is so much more than what we could ever imagine! Imagine your past being made perfect because we are now in Christ and can use the lessons from our past to live a pure, holy, gracious, and empathetic life of mercy and generosity. Out of weakness we were made strong! We are new, and God redeems us; all of us; and all of our time. Our spirits are filled with His life and through this we can do all things in love and goodness.

Soul Healing

Growing in maturity and soul healing are two separate things, however they can be interrelated and work together. In your original question, “Does the process of soul healing ever end?”, if you mean soul healing to be ever more issues of maturity to deal with and sanctify, then this is a wonderful life-long process with many layers of victory, setbacks, and continued “walking” with the Lord. If you mean soul healing to be uncovering things in your soul that are related to issues of your past that need to be healed from, then yes, this will end. The Holy Spirit will bring these to your attention if you ask and listen to Him and desire to live in the most Godly way possible from your heart.

Be Vigilant For Your Soul

You also need to be vigilant and continually choose to take notice of your reactions to life, tendencies to pursue/choose anything other than love, or tendencies to satisfy your desires and needs through dependency on others or through idolatry (believing and pursuing the things of this world to lead you to completeness). Paying attention to your tendencies and desires, and bringing them before God and into your relationship with Him, will help you get to the roots of your past, as well as the motivations for your behavior (i.e. is it related to fear and past patterns, related to sinful selfishness, or is it related to a genuine need and desire that God has given you?).

Desire To Change

You also must desire to change. If you even leave one stone in your soul that you refuse to address and change, then soul healing can never be fully completed, though you may experience some levels of freedom and victory in other areas (except the one left unturned). This requires bold honesty, humility, and faith in confronting any hiding, pride, or denial! This is hard and painful work until we know the love of God! Our selfishness does not desire for us to change because of fear. Until we learn to trust and experience God and in our hearts, our soul will always be afraid of true change.

Finding Complete Healing And Moving On Into Godliness

Soul healing ends by completing the healing process for each wound and also by desiring to move toward God in spiritual love and receive more of His spiritual life Kingdom now in this life! We should not desire to continue to live a life from the soul. We should not continue to desire relationships that are based in selfish ‘love’, and we should not try and find rest for our souls or fullness of love apart from God. Our souls and our appetites find rest in God alone! We should desire to live a life of the spirit and to pursue God! In doing so, our hearts desires will be fulfilled by God and He will then give us pure and Godly desires for relationship with others. This means we will have a purity of heart. We will no longer be motivated by guilt, by shame, by condemnation, or by fear! From such purity and mind renewal, we can then pursue healthy relationships out of the goodness of our heart and not based on selfishness or neediness.

I recommend reading the following relationship books that will help you grow!

This Is Living With God

The sanctification and heart tenderness to God in this life only ever grows (never ending) because to love God fully is to give Him ever more of our heart. In the process of knowing God fully and living out the life He has for us, we learn ever more and our soul practically grieves in worship of God’s holiness and goodness as we give up more of our self to Him and receive the fullness of His life and the life for us to live. Our heart is tender from gratefulness, praise, authentic love, and for receiving such unmerited gifts! True life is like this:

Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; the new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5:7 (NLT)

I came so that they can have real and eternal life more and better than they ever dreamed of. John 10:10 (MSG)

Time for a dance party.

P.S. I feel a little like the apostle Paul writing messages of guidance, inspired by my own walk with God. How awesome are Paul’s epistle’s in the New Testament (Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Tidus, Philemon) that we may learn from his mature godliness, words inspired by the spirit, and his revelations of God and love?

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