My Life Inside My Head

From my imagination to the real, I am attempting to document the contents of my mind while the ideas are fresh and before the memories fade away.

I have come to realize that there needs to be an element of my life where I can put forth my mental imprints using a medium that is able to express them faithfully and hold them in all their vibrancy. The combination of writing and images nearly achieves the full effect. But, it must be said that such an imprint retains its luster only if the emotions attached to it can be relived and experienced anew in body or mind. I only hope that I create memories so strong that I never have to worry.

This realization comes in light of my fading connection to many of the ideas and memories once held so clearly in my mind. It also arises from my building desire to release the ideas spinning in my head from passing inspirations.  At this point in my life, I have sensed that if I keep waiting for the ideal moments to begin, I may never actually set off. Too many times do the inspirations lose their whim, or my ambitions lose their edge as I await the opportunity to fulfill them. The time is now to begin that process of embarking on my ideas that never left shore. May the journey be everything that I have ever hoped for.


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