Featuring: Jessica Holt

I met Jessica at a fellowship of other believers. She was real. She was truthful and practical. And she had deep fellowship with God. In her weekends as a music director and worship leader at a church, she is passionate about connecting to God and inviting others into the loving embrace of God’s love. There is nowhere she would wish anyone to be than in God’s love.

Songs by Jessska

If you were to write your own songs, would they reflect your soul? When I first heard Jessica’s original songs, I could tell that her songs reflected her soul and her lifelong relationship with God. Her songs have a unique energy and pace to them. Her music is refreshing and upbeat. (For classic rock fans, her songs remind me of Kansas crossed with a little Styx). Her songs are far from Christianity’s predominant heart cry and soaking music style. She wants all her life to reflect her heart, energy, and God, and her music is no different. She sings about the struggle of human life and the journey, relationship, and meaning found with God. God saves us and in Him we find refuge. Nothing else in this life can deliver. Find our place in God! This basic and simple message is her anthem, and her songs and life help us remember it. What a gift that is!

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