Fish Lake Trails 2012

I woke up on a Saturday in the autumn of 2012 and heard a voice. Nature seemed to call out to me, “Today is the day. Come find me before the changing of the seasons.” I instinctively knew where to go. I had been there before. The Chain of Lakes. Fish Lake Trails. Elm Creek Park.

It’d be a long day, but the mission couldn’t wait. I donned my cycling gear and camera and set out to spend the start of my weekend under the leaves. Accessing these three nature parks was a lot of work – about 1,500 calories as I biked over 50 miles of state trails. From late morning to sunset, nature provided a continuous spectacle of color and shape. When the day was over, I ended right where I began and with a smile said goodnight.

Fish Lake Trails

The “Fish Lake Trails” that I refer to in this post are a 4+ mile stretch of trails starting at Fish Lake Park off of Bass Lake Road in Maple Grove, and following the Three Rivers Park District trail system all the way to Rice Lake. In truth, this is part of the Medicine Lake Trail system, but due to the fact that it travels through the entrance of Fish Lake Regional Park, I hence refer to this as Fish Lake Trails.

Fish Lake Three Rivers Trail Map

The trails are a beautiful secluded winding path through a deep and shaded wood. In autumn, the entire forest turns vibrant yellow, orange, red, maroon, and glows in the afternoon sun as if God himself was painting the colors anew.

Here is my photo journey of an autumn day unlike any other. Unfortunately, my original photos were lost. These here are compressed files of the originals that I loaded to a Facebook album and re-downloaded to be reproduced here.

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