Fish Lake Trails 2013

In 2012, I made a trip to Fish Lake and Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove. The sights were so spectacular that I wanted to make it an annual event! There is something to be said however for arriving at the right time. The light needs to be just right (usually early afternoon) and the leaves and trees also need to be readying for winter just the right amount.

This year, I wanted to lead a small group bike ride into the beautiful woodlands, however no one quite knew the secret wonders of nature they’d be missing. And so, I set out by myself to show them. These pictures are but a fraction of the real life experience. There is nothing like standing in the 3-dimensional space of color in a hollowed tunnel underneath a canopy of colored trees. This year I rode my bike on a 30 mile loop starting at the Fish Lake Park entrance all the way north to the short loop in Elm Creek park and back.

I took photos in a lot of the same spots as the prior year, so it’s fun to see nature in similar seasons! Perhaps in future years you’ll join me! Enjoy!

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