Fish Lake Trails 2015 – Relaxation Experience

I’m not sure I want to wait for another autumn at Fish Lake Park! Each year I take a gallery of photos, but this year I was compelled to capture the serenity of nature in immersive video so that we might always be able to visit the fall colors. Relax. Be at peace. Let the experience surround you.

Video Snapshots

Experiencing It In Person

An autumn walk. It looks so simple. Yet we can always stop to appreciate the beauty even more deeply. Hiding in the shade of a tree, we can see the sunlight pour through the leaves and give vibrant color and contrast to the environment. With the leaves on the path in front of the camera, this video grounds us to appreciate the space under the canopy.

In the Shade of An Autumn Tree

Continue your own contemplation and in the shade of the tree.

The Powerfully Fleeting Nature of Nature

At a different angle, further distance, and under full sun, we can see the tree move gracefully. Leaves from the forest fall all around us in the wind. It’s mesmerizing to watch the detail and dynamics of the scene.

A Towering Presence

Moving onto the pathway and looking vertically, we stand in the powerful presence of the tree and feel ourselves surrounded by leaves.

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