Healing Thoughts Of God

On my drive home today, after a detour around traffic and a storm, this rainbow was a smile from God of peace and blessing that emphasized suffering is not the full way of God. Rather the way of God is life and peace amidst everything, through trust, faith, and unshakable affection in Him. In Him we have favor and are more than conquerors, resting and abiding in His presence. Romans 8

If we only feel close to God when our life is falling apart or that we need to suffer in order to mold our character into His likeness, then we have an inferior Christian walk or are too hard hearted. God wants you to feel His presence, to uplift you, and to reveal in a pure and gracious light who He is and His love for you as a child of God. While He can work in you an added quality of hopeful endurance in times of suffering and perseverance, it is instead in pure and unadulterated relationship with Him that will always be the greatest work on your soul, heart, and spirit – because this is true openness in love to God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

His love is incomparable. He heals. He restores. He makes new. He purifies. His spirit is of a boldness, compassion, power, and peace that ought to unify us all in goodness and working in joy for His Kingdom here on earth, in the bounty, abundance and blessing He bestows upon us. In Him, our life is rich and full of good work for us to do because we are already loved and not trying to prove it. Colossians 2-3

So take heart. Do not fear. Do not worry. God is passionately for us to break through into full freedom of heart, mind, soul, and spirit. He empowers us to do so for those who seek Him, and all righteousness will be added to you, adding to the goodness of your life to others. Smile and let your heart and life focus on the goodness of God in gratitude and praise. Matthew 6

Calhoun Parkway Rainbow

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