Lessons On Being A Christian from Todd White

What is the Christian life like? What should it be like? I’ll admit, it can be hard to find something authentic amidst the dogma, legalism, mysticism, complacency, and often cluelessness in the church-going crowd at large. What is the Christian message? What is it to walk in the power of God? What is a personal relationship with God like? For Christians, what does it look like to live like a Christian? What is true spirituality with the Holy Spirit as our guide?

What we need is people who get it and who can speak at the most truthful and genuine level possible, sharing from their own experience with God and the realities of Christianity itself. We need people who are living it and being a Christian filled with the fruits of the spirit and renewed by it each day; people who are breathing the spirit of God. In today’s age, we can digitally in-source the best teachers, pastors, and Christians from churches and from all walks of life – right into the palm of our hand. But what matters is not just relevance, not simply knowledge, not simply an emotional experience, but a connection, revelation, and relationship with the Spirit. The reality is that Christ meets us where we are at and does a work in our hearts in the ongoing process of sanctification and revelation of His Glory. We need people who can bring others into that experience and relationship with God, teaching them to seek and be with God, filling the longing of their souls.

Preaching isn’t always about lofty ideals, or sharing a rosy picture of life that we can be grateful for, or even a step by step process of what we should plainly do. These things have their place and are means for learning and action so that others see Jesus in our living. But, at the core, preaching (by word or action) is about bringing truth-filled revelation mercifully into our hearts and then into a true experience with God. This comes about through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit that creates a personal connection with the Father. Once experienced, our hearts are filled with that connection and it intuitively teaches us how to live and express God’s love, not by obligation, but from the overflow of our relationship with Him. This is the start of being filled with the spirit and loving through supernatural means.

Begin listening to the following truths from Todd White, who speaks softly but fully. He is one who lives and breathes and acts from spiritual deliverance and power each and every day. His example is but a seed that can be planted in you as well! He speaks of the God-given power and abilities we have as Christians to go out into the world. Not many of us live this out. Why? Lack of belief perhaps. Fear. Lack of heart knowledge. Lack of experience. Let Todd share with you a powerful message about living as a Christian.

Who Is The Holy Spirit And Why Do We Need Him?

Principle: The Holy Spirit is everything to gracefully live the life of God; through the Holy Spirit, we can do everything by God’s power.

The Holy Spirit is the life giving channel of the Holy Trinity that connects our hearts to God the Father, and guides and helps us through life with revelation, healing, and personal conviction. Jesus came to fulfill the complete Law of God and pay the price for man’s sin. After this, the Holy Spirit was able to be poured out to all of humanity through belief in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts and enables God’s power to be at work through and in us. With God, all things are possible.

Can we hunger and thirst for God and the Holy Spirit? Can our hearts desire Him? Let’s ask for more of the Holy Spirit. Let’s bring the peace and power of God into our lives and be changed and empowered to God’s work.

What If Nobody Gets Healed?

Principle: We are to live our own lives of healing through Christ and from that we can live without fear and pray for others with expectancy and security in God’s amazing love and power.

Can we pray for others to be healed? Let us not shrink in fear. Dignity is not in the fruit of the spirit. We can look like a fool because we believe in God ourselves and we are expectant of Him. Healing is God’s responsibility. It’s on Him. We can simply pray.

Forgiveness, deliverance, and healing go hand in hand. God paid the price for us to walk in healing. Others need to go through that process and experience the fullness and truth of God, and the healing and right living that comes along with that. Can we bring that to others? Let’s just love them and live out our own lives of healing as testaments so that we might know how our own lives rely on God for righteousness.

Christians Who Think Evangelism Is Not Their Gift

Principle: Talking and living out our life with God is an act of love. It isn’t evangelism to simply be all about out God; it is love to share our life and belief with others.

When we see and wake up to the reality that God is good and that we are valuable before the Father, all of a sudden, our life is before us. We see how much of a wreck it might be, with the lies, the mess, and struggling. We see that life with God is too good to be true. Our hearts are capsized and we want to surrender to a God that is like that.

All we need to do is to see how God created us to be, so we see who God created others to be. We live in a small window of time in the frame of eternity. Let us not miss the opportunity that we have today and every day to share with them about God and who they are in God’s kingdom. Evangelism is a byproduct of living with God today.

How Can We Find Our True Identity

Principle: Our identity is found in the truth of Christ’s work and God’s love for us. Anything less misses the abundance and joy that we can live in through Christ.

Jesus Christ was crucified for my offenses and was raised for my justification. Believe the finishing work of Jesus. The blood of Jesus cancels out and covers all sinful realities in our life. Through Jesus, God forgives all of our wrong; he even forgets all of it. We have to see this amazing truth and what our Father thinks of us.

We are His son’s and daughters to be shepherded into spiritual lives of power. If we can’t see the cross, if we aren’t tender to the cross and what Jesus did for us, then we can never be free of our Earthly identity and its struggles. How does this work?

The blood of Jesus cleanses our consciousness from dead works in order to serve God (Hebrews 9:14). Our consciousness is our mind, will, and emotions; our thought patterns and the way we think. Our consciousness is our personal reality. In our existence there are three voices:

  • God’s voice is in us because upon sanctification, our spirits were one with God (our divine nature and voice)
  • Our flesh’s voice is in us because of our physical body and its demands and desires (our sinful nature, our ego and our minds distortions)
  • The devil’s (stranger and enemy) voice in us who is contrary to God and distorts truth, giving counterfeit meanings and thinking towards the things of God, so that our perception and understanding of truth twisted or altered from God’s fullness (demonic thinking)

If we don’t know what God thinks of us, and we don’t know our true identity and the truth of the Scriptures, what then do we hear about ourselves? What voice do we listen to? Is it a voice that tells us lies about ourselves? Are we in the Bible or with other believers who are anchored to our true identity in Christ? God commands us to not listen to the stranger who whispers lies about us, but how else would we know?

Truth should be grafted onto our souls by prayerful meditation on Scripture. Truth sets its home up in our soul (mind, will, and emotions), sanctifying us further. We then can think from truth, not toward truth. When we think from truth, we can attest our direction instead of simply listening for direction. What seems right to a man (his thinking toward truth) will be replaced with the perfect truth of God.


Go the Bible having heard this truth and experience it for yourself. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal these truths personally to you in a way you can understand. Claim these truths for your life and in your situation. Once we see and experience what our Father thinks of us, our reality will be changed. We will start to live from God’s thoughts towards us instead the Enemy’s thoughts toward us. If we do hear the Enemy’s voice, then the truth that already resides in us will expose it as a lie.

Operating from truth is true freedom, given to us by the perfect will of God.

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3 Responses to Lessons On Being A Christian from Todd White

  1. Cherise says:

    I have seen many supernatural things in my relationship with Jesus…I operate in some gifting but have been mentored for a year by an awesome woman of God mainly for soul healing…I have cut soul ties, generational spirits and assignments…and am now still in the process of renewing my mind….my question is, does this ” process” of soul healing ever end???

    Love in CHRIST


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