Letters: A Hope

From: Me
To: Her
Subject: Re: Why?

I’m sorry I hurt you! The wounds don’t easily go away. The heart run deep. But there IS hope! It’s through being real and authentic, just like your letter. It’s through vulnerability, like your letter. And it is through love, peace, and acceptance in God’s presence and His redeeming promises that you are beautiful and made for real intimacy and connection.

Seek and believe! Find that hope through God, through being vulnerable with Him, and finding a life giving relationship with Him! Let Him be your Joy, your Song, you Love! Let Him fill the spaces in your heart. I cry for you to know him in this deeper way. Know Him when your heart is breaking. Know Him even when your strength is almost gone. Let that hope be the energy you need to seek God, find Him, and have Him give you LIFE!!! Then you can be restored. Your pain can be shared with the almighty God. And He will be with you more intimately than you have ever known. Why would you want to choose any other solace?

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