Mousse Pie

A very fast, simple recipe that is delicious however you make it! This is a recipe from my childhood that my mom used to make and that dad my loved with every creamy bite, so this pie is near and dear to my heart! It is a tad expensive ($7-15), but when you need to whip something up lovingly yet in a hurry, this is a great recipe ready in just 15 minutes! You’ll need:

  • a graham cracker crust
  • 4 oz cream cheese
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • a splash of milk
  • 1 bar of chocolate (or 1+ cup of chocolate chips)
  • 8oz whipping cream (homemade or Cool Whip).

Mousse Chocolate


First, you’ll need a crust. For mousse pies, graham cracker crust is the standard. Make your own, or buy a pre-made crust. ($1.5-3). If you make your own crust, expect an additional 20 minutes since you’ll need to crush, form, and bake the graham cracker.


Now this is the fun part. Beat 2 tbsp of sugar and 4oz of cream cheese ($2-3) together in a bowl. Whip until in a blended consistency. This step adds some sweetness and adds stiffness to the mousse. If the dish is too sweet, you can omit the sugar.

Next, melt a bar of chocolate! What kind of chocolate? A favorite kind of chocolate! Here are a few suggestions:

4oz german chocolate bar ($2-4) (found in the baking aisle)
3.5oz Lindt White Coconut Bar ($3) (found at Target, Walgreens/CVS, or World Market)
1 cup of your favorite chocolate chips (milk/dark/semi-sweet) ($3-4)

Be careful when melting! If using a microwave, start with 1 minute, and then use small increments to prevent burning.

Add 1/3 cup of milk (or almond milk) to the cream cheese and then stir in the melted chocolate.


Time for the whipped cream that makes this mousse as light as air! Whip up your own fresh whipping cream by mixing 8oz of heavy whipping cream with an electric beater, or buy 8oz of delicious and ready to go Cool Whip ($4). Add a bit of vanilla extract for some extra flavor! That’s a lot of whip in this paragraph, but it tastes so good.


Now, you have your filling and your flavor mixtures separate. Time to combine! To keep the consistency of the mousse, fold the whipping cream in with the chocolate mixture. This is best done with a rubber scraper. Mix/fold gently, keeping some air trapped in the mousse and giving it a firmer (instead of soupy) texture.

All Done!

Simply scoop out the mousse into pie crust! Chill if needed! Serve!
Be sure to lick the rubber scraper you used when combining. Life isn’t the same without this step.

Want to be extra fancy and show a little flair? Add chocolate shavings on top of your pie by saving some of your chocolate bar (hopefully it’s a soft kind of chocolate). Simply grate against a box cheese grater for best results. Or, use a potato peeler if you want to be really bold. Have fun!

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