One More Game

I’m 27. I’ve gone through a few important things in life, but I still barely understand anything. What was I like when I was 18? What did I know then? What was I completely unaware of? What if today I knew my 18 year old self was dying? At that age, I didn’t recognize the weight of a life. Not even my own life, let alone others lives.

Even today, do I understand the dignity of a life? At 18, I certainly didn’t understand the beauty of a human’s identity. As a result, I hardly had a mature depth of love or compassion for others. If the past year has taught me anything, even at 27, it’s about how my selfishness creates barriers to the fullness of life. I’m not trying to be shameful. I’m not trying to simply play into my emotions. But really, what excuses do I give myself now for judging and not loving on others?

I used to play basketball. I know in my heart what it’s like to be on the court. It had deep meaning for me of technique, execution, and performance. I played for 8 years. I was in a private league. And I was the lightning fast and conscientious point guard who was tenacious on defense and shut down the opposing guards. What if those memories were my last? What if I had one last game to play, and it was while I was at my weakest, yet persevering in the strongest way? The next day my life would end.

What I’m left with is such a deep sense of sorrow. A deep sense of compassion and love that sinks my heart. What would I have done with the time? At 27 I might know now. But at 18?

Welcome to Lauren Hill’s story.

Compassion. Love. Attitude. Inspiration. Selflessness. Blessings. Empowerment.

Those words are easier said than done. What if each word had a deep story – a story that had incredible meaning? With that meaning, each word should weigh upon your heart as if it is the very will of God for you – and it is.

What if words finally had such a meaningful definition for your life that under the weight of the word and story you’d change? What if words had the power of life and death? What if every word was precious? What if each word you spoke was chosen carefully, just as the posture of your heart and the mental attitude of your life? Can you persevere like Lauren? Can you choose like Lauren? Make everything count. Today is another battle. Sometimes we win. Other times we have to admit it is a struggle. Such a choice is a constant struggle. But that’s what we live for.

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