Homemade Orange Chicken

This recipe is taken from The Feed Zone cookbook by Biju Thomas & Allen Lim. This dish has been a staple when sharing a group meal due to the surprising restaurant-quality flavor using simple ingredients. In this recipe, I also offer suggestions for amending the dish for variation and enhancing the experience!

The key to this recipe is the sauce and the rice flour coating on the chicken. These add flavorful and textural dimension that take this dish from stir fry to stupendous. The rest of the ingredients are up to you, so I’ll just start explaining how to prepare the base of the meal: chicken and rice. Cooking takes about 20 mins (rice plus sauteing).

Orange Chicken

Rice or Wraps

First, start preparing rice. Use any rice you desire. I’ll let you choose. You can even opt for lettuce wraps, which work best if you dice the below ingredients smaller than prescribed.

Texture the Protein

Next, cut 1lb of chicken (breast or thighs) into 3/4″ cubes. Put the pieces into a container and throw in 1 cup of rice flour. Cover and shake to dust the chicken with the rice flour. The more flour the better as it is able to absorb the cooking oil and add an awesome textured layer around the chicken.

Start the Cooking

In a lightly oiled pan, cook the chicken until lightly browned, about 5 minutes.
During this time, slice 1/4 of a red onion into thin strips (or arcs).
Shave about a 1/2 cup of red cabbage into edible pieces.
For some extra flavor, dice 1 jalapeno pepper.
Heck, let’s not stop here!
Add some peapods. Add some peas. Go for the traditional broccoli. Sweeten things up with a red pepper. Or yellow if you are feeling bold. Maybe even add a few peanuts! Or almonds!

Now, with all of these things, throw in with the chicken and cook until all are softened.

Mix the Sauce!

It’s easy. Throw a blop of orange marmalade in a small bowl. Pour in a bit of soy sauce! And then add Sriracha chili sauce to taste. If you want specifics, just mix until it tastes good. About 1/4 of marmalade and 1TB soy sauce is a base mixture. Make the sauce delicious! Love it!

Put It All Together

You have it all! Combine the sauce to the whole stir fry or add it individually to each dish according to the eagerly awaiting diner’s preference.

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