Prayer of Countenance

Heavenly Father,
For all those in the coming pages, and all those in the chapters of the church, past, present, and future, we pray for an inconvenient life! We desire to produce works by faith, our labor prompted by love, with an endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our hearts have been broken. Our eyes have been opened. We have been made clean! We’ve taken up our cross and live for Your mission, not for ourselves, but for others. We have chosen what is better! We serve inconveniently for we were set apart from the ways of this World. We strive to be models of You in love. Therefore we love inconveniently and are light and salt to the nations through demonstrating and reflecting your Love. Let us rejoice in the inconvenience for there is joy in the death of Your saints!

Let us remember each day how you initially called us. We shall not forget or put it aside. For once we know your call, we follow even the slightest whisper of your presence with delight, for your journey is always anew. We walk in faith, letting not our own striving be the source of our energy; Your glory propels us.

The Gospel came to us with power, with the Holy Spirit, and with deep convictions. We were marked and sealed as Yours! We are living testimonies to your faithfulness and promises. The power of You within us brings others to your Kingdom. Let us renew your life-giving calling each day as we worship you and give thanks! We remember! We will follow! As we follow, we pray for personal conviction, willpower, constitution, and a spirit  of wisdom and revelation as we live out this life in your Name. These we receive from You in a transformation of our minds as we learn about your majesty and ways of Truth.

We carry your mantle in the mission, protected and strong in your armor! Yet we are humble and kind, knowing great power is behind gentleness. Yoked to you we learn Love and your Way. Let us be tender as we pastor, plant seed, and harvest those you have prepared for us to steward. Let Your Will be done through us. Everything for the Kingdom’s cause, for thine is yours, forever and ever.


Inspirations: 1 Thessalonians 1:2-9, Deeper Prayer 2/11/2014, “Hosanna”, Psalms 116:15

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Cover of Countenance

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