Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili With Pepper Jack Cheese

With a busy schedule during the week and wanting to be able to share lots of food with all my friends, it makes sense to cook in large batches! So why not use a slow cooker to do all the work for me? This was my logic when I asked for a crock-pot for Christmas and I will say that it can deliver a wonderful simplicity a third of my week’s meals. I’m so thankful!

During a work potluck, I tried this dish and it stood out above the rest. I had to add it to my repertoire. It turns out this is a very simple recipe, and a standard one for a white chili. I’m fine with that as long it is healthy and delicious! Like any slow cooker recipe, you can throw in practically any extra ingredient that you want as long as it makes sense. So use your imagination and craft a delicious meal!

White Chicken Chili Crockpot Cook

The Basics

•  3 cups shredded chicken (purchase a rotisserie chicken and shred as much as you want, saving the legs for another meal; or cook any other chicken meat until juicy and tender, then shred)
•  3 cans great northern beans (or add as many white beans as desired, canned or make your own!)
•  1 cup salsa (or just pour in a whole small jar of your favorite natural salsa)
•  8 oz pepper jack cheese (with jalapeno is a great option!). Be sure to buy it in block form, since pre-shredded cheese has wax on it that makes the cheese harder to melt and doesn’t quite taste the same
•  2-3 cups/cans corn (this adds for a nice sweetness in each bite)

Additional Ingredients to Add (optional)

•  1-2 can hominy for a variation on corn to provide extra texture and shape to the soup
•  1-4 onions caramelized
•  4-8oz another cheese for a cool flavor blend that lingers on your taste buds
•  Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (chop and add for a nice barbecue-esque tang)
•  2 tsp cumin (for a hint of additional flavor)
•  16-32 oz can chicken broth (add to reduce thickness)

Topping/Serving Ingredients (optional)

•  Sour cream (add after serving)
•  Tortilla chips (use to eat chili, especially if you made the chili thick)
•  Bacon (crispy salty bacon)
•  Greens. Not sure what kind of greens, but you can make this dish healthier! Add near the end of the prescribed cooking time.
•  Cilantro
•  Avocado (serve as a topping or a side)


•  Shred the chicken (this takes awhile!) and shred or cube the cheese
•  Add all ingredients to slow cooker
•  Add a 16-32 oz can of chicken broth if you want a normal thick chili. Leave it out for extra thick chili.
•  Stir very well.
•  Cook on LOW for 4 hours. Try to stir once or twice in the middle if you can to distribute the cheese but it can wait until the end if needed.

Eat and Share

Wow, that was easy. Honestly, you don’t even need a slow cooker to do this. All you need to do is combine the ingredients and make sure the cheese melts. Don’t worry if this dish looks like pink sludge. It’s really tasty when all stirred up! Feel free to use fresh ingredients where desired. But to be honest, you can purchase all of these ingredients in good quality via cans or jars and just pour into the pot! Couldn’t be easier. Enjoy!


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