Songs: This Is Living Now

Artists: Hillsong Young & Free, LeCrae
This Is Living – EP
Written by Aodhan King, Joel Davies & LeCrae
© 2015 Hillsong Church T/A Hillsong Music Australia
Exclusive License Capitol CMG Label Group/Sparrow Records. All Rights Reserved.

Verse 1, 2, Prechorus:
Waking up knowing there’s a reason / All my dreams come alive / Life is for living with You / I’ve made my decision // You lift me up, fill my eyes with wonder / Forever young in Your love / This freedom’s untainted with You / No moment is wasted
// See the sun now bursting through the clouds / Black and white turns to colour all around / All is new, in the Savior I am found / THIS IS LIVING NOW! / THIS IS LIVING NOW!!! 

Verse 3, Chorus:
You lead the way, God You’re right beside me / In Your love I’m complete / There’s nothing like living with You / This life You created, I choose
// PRE-CHORUS // You take me higher than I’ve been before / It’s Your perfect love that sees me soar / God your freedom is an open door / You are everything I want and more // [LeCrae] // THIS IS LIVING NOW! / THIS IS LIVING NOW!!! // CHORUS

[LeCrae:] Maybe I ain’t really know what livin’ is

Is it love, if it was, am I livin’ it?
Do I live in it? (yeah) So astounding
Love is an ocean, you can drown me (in)
The sweet embrace, the lovely taste, I taste and see I’m under grace, the place to be
It means I’ll never need an umbrella
I’m cool in the cold and the hot weather
Whether or never I ever, understand I’m a man in the hands of great plans
I stand with faith in a life I never known or touched, it’s still outside my clutch but
[music beat/pulse]
I’m like what’s the dream of? What’s the hope in? What’s the doubt for? Live to no end
This is living, the life I’ve been given’s a gift
If I’m a live it, I’m a live it to death
So what’s the dream of? What’s the hope in? What’s the doubt for? And live to no end
This is living, the life I’ve been given’s a gift
If I’m a live it, I’m a live it to death

Main Messages: Purpose, Abundant Life, Celebration of God and Life, Praise

Personal Impressions

Life with God is unlike anything you could ever imagine. Life with God is abundance in all facets of life, heart, and hope! Life with God is endless excitement as following Him reveals more and more of Him. In each new iteration, the truth of His existence gets further and further in our hearts as we discover deep and convicting evidence and results in this life! As the truth gets further and further into our hearts, OUR HEARTS COME ALIVE! Our hearts are stimulated by the pure, untainted freedom of life and choice of pursuing love and the greatest hope of humanity! This is the true life that invigorates our spirits and soul, and transforms us into gracious, winsome, bold, and enduring individuals who live life above circumstances in in the joy of Christ.

Hardship will come. Maturity will stretch us. Trials will test us. Pain will forge us. And through it all, through low moments or hardening of our hearts, we can be renewed through God’s perfect love! We can come back to a place in the beginning of true faith and experience that just knowing God exists, is good, is for us, is all we ever dreamed of. When we can get to this new beginning, WE ARE FOREVER YOUNG IN HIS LOVE. This can never be taken away from us. Let the melody of the song re-infuse your heart with the energy of God’s heartbeat for an upbeat and forward moving life! Don’t reject the beat; let it be the pulse of your heart. Begin living your life under the friendly sky of God’s love, with the graciousness and pleasure of living life as a gift, and with the virtue hard work that let us freely decide and choose life to use our talents to pursue the reasons and purpose that we are alive.

This Is Living - Scripture

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