Songs: You Don’t Miss A Thing

Artist: Bethel Music
We Will Not Be Shaken (Live)
Written by Amanda Cook, Bobby Strand
© 2014 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

When You stand / I feel the floor of Heaven tremble  / As You breathe / We live and have our being / When you speak / Oh I feel it in my chest / When You sing / All my fears are put to rest // What a wondrous thing / I can stand to sing / Cause when I fall to my knees / You’re the one who pulls me up again / What a mystery / That You notice me / And in a crowd of ten thousand / You don’t miss a thing // When you sigh / The wind becomes a sonnet / When you laugh / The storm around me ceases / You whisper / And all my enemies are scattered / You surround me / With angels on assignments // CHORUS // ‘Cause You see everything / And I am seen and I am known / By the King of Kings and Lord of Lords //

There’s no place I can (could) go Your love (that You) won’t find me / No place I can hide that You don’t (can’t) see / No place I could fall that Your love couldn’t (wouldn’t) catch me / You see it all / You see it all through the eyes of love (You’re in everything, You’re all around me) (Repeat) // When I withdraw still You pursue / There’s no place I can go Your love won’t find me! / No place I could hide that You don’t see! / When I’m misunderstood Your love understands me! / You see it all! You see it all! You’re in everything! / You’re all around me / You surround me with your song, with your song // BRIDGE // Come and see me, come and know me / Come and search my heart and make me / Like You, like You (new, make me new) / I wanna be (just) like You (Repeat)

Main Messages: Omnipotent, Power, Wonder, Love, Faith, Personal Intimacy, Known by God

Personal Impressions

God loves us. God cares for us. He sees everything in our being! When we’re down we can look to Him and feel Him pulling us up from the depths and lifting our hearts unto the heavens with His. It’s a romance, it’s a pursuit, and it’s a mature and secure love that we are made whole in. Trust. Love. Freedom. Life. God provides us meaning and purpose, exists with us, and strengthens us. It is when our hearts know His that we want more of Him and to be more like Him in every way. He doesn’t miss a single thing in our hearts, and so we lean into Him in trust and loving transformation.

When You stand / I feel the floor of Heaven tremble

We often think about what it’d be like for us to stand before God. Instead, what does it look like to imagine God rising before us? God stands up to move, to confront, and to act toward us and on our behalf. What does that feel like? Have you ever prayed in your heart and felt a confirmation from God that He fights for you and your cause? When you believe He can win and you trust in Him and His principles, even the simple notion that He fights for us tells our hearts of deliverance. It gives us a confident foundation. If God stands for us, then who can be against us? He will bring change. Heaven and earth will move. When God rises for us, even the floor of Heaven trembles because His standing up declares His love for us and that love is the most powerful force in the world. Tremble before it!

As You breathe / We live and have our being

God breathed life into us. As He bound our spirit to our flesh at birth, our souls and self were supernaturally created within. The flesh by itself was inanimate and yet the spirit cannot exercise direct control of the body because the flesh and the spirit are in two different realms. And so, in the process of binding our spirit to our body, our soul came to be and our existence is held here in this world. It’s the medium we exist in, between the spiritual and natural realm. With our soul, we can draw our influence from the flesh, or that of the spirit. The choice is ours.

But think! God’s magnificence is demonstrated as He created our being! He did so as easily, as delicately, and as beautifully as a breath. Our Lord sits in heaven. His heart beats. His voice sings to our souls. And He breathes life into all things. We live and have our being through Him as He upholds all the days and time (Acts 17:24-28). Each and every breath we take is a piece of life from Him. Let us connect our hearts to our Father, focusing on His heart and His breath! Our own heart and breath will fall in sync as we focus on Him and each breath and beat will be supercharged with His life. Feel the hope arise in your chest!

When you speak / Oh I feel it in my chest

If we know one thing, God can speak intimately and powerfully to our innermost being. When we concentrate inside, we rejoice and almost weep with the words of knowing He provides our souls. We have that special place in our hearts for Him! And so as we see our God expressed in everything else, the world, nature, other people, acts of love and kindness, in worship, or anything greater than us, we feel that same intimacy because our hearts are moved to see our God externally represented! It further confirms our faith and makes our heart alive! We feel it our chest because of Him inside of us and us being struck by His manifestations in the outer world. Now, how much more would we feel if we heard Him speak externally?

When You sing / All my fears are put to rest

Have you heart God sing? Can you imagine it? God’s song to our hearts can be like a comforting lullaby. His words instill confidence in us. We know who we are when He sings. We know Him when He sings. We know our place. We know our relationship. We simply have a heart that rejoices in God. It puts all fears to rest!

Additionally, God knows the song on our hearts. Let Him bring it to your heart. Listen with Him and be strengthened by knowing that He knows how you feel; He knows you. Let that strengthen your belief and live assuredly!

When you sigh / The wind becomes a sonnet

A sigh often is expressive of an intentional will looking to be behind all things. The fact of God’s grace in all things is like a light breath, a sigh, so gentle and so poetic that tuning into Him reveals a beautiful plan and a wonderful delight. Do you feel that positive smile in the wind? Do you know that plan He unfolds? Can you feel the life and forward movement in ever breath? It’s always beautiful.

When you laugh / The storm around me ceases

Even as we look so earnestly, God’s laugh unfolds and stirs our hearts to joy and gladness. We don’t have to be so serious in our trials and troubles! We have a loving Father! Let His laugh break through the artificial ceilings of our circumstance that we have put in place. The clouds will dissipate in an instant and the sun will shine. The storm ceases. It is gone.

Jesus and the disciples were in the midst to two different storms. In Matthew 4, a great storm threatens to overcome the disciples’ boat with waves. They wake Jesus who is sleeping in the boat and he rebukes the storm. “Be still!” Everything becomes calm. The wind and waves obey Him! They cross the sea safely and Jesus goes to do many more miracles and teach the people about the Kingdom of Heaven. Later in Matthew 14, Jesus walks from the shore into the middle of the stormy sea to the boat with His disciples. He even calls Peter out of the boat in faith to walk upon the sea, but in fear, Peter begins to sink. Jesus catches his hand and they both enter the boat. The the trial passes and the wind and waves immediately die down down. In this, the disciples see Jesus in a glory that reveals Him as the Son of God. Jesus simply smiles; the storms cease. His love and nature exist in power!

You whisper / And all my enemies are scattered

In the Old Testament, God delivers Israel time and time again from the most impossible odds. He even asks Israel to march out to battle with no weapons against 3 opposing armies and says that He will win the battle for them without even the need to fight. Before they arrive, all the enemies were dead. It took all but a whisper from God to send madness and justice into the midst of the enemy. Triumphant is He, the warrior King!

You surround me / With angels on assignments

God the Father is the Commander and Host of Heaven’s angels and angel armies. At His will, angels are deployed and serve the purposes that He released them to. The angels are faithful, caring, and righteous, with no other mission than to serve God and the souls of all God’s children. Jesus was given the authority to use all of Heaven’s power to serve us. He wants us healed. He wants us delivered. He wants us growing in right relationship with Him. He died to connect us to the Father and enable the Holy Spirit to come. How much more will He also deploy angels to protect us and deliver answers our prayers? Angels hold their position around us. They aren’t finicky; they are effective. They have their assignment. Let us be strengthened by their diligence and live our lives similarly on mission.

What a wondrous thing / I can stand to sing

Any of the statements above are such wonderful and incredible things. What it would be to just sing one of them and feel the weight of the words fully impress upon our hearts? Can we say each quietly and feel?

When You stand, I feel the floor of Heaven tremble
As You breathe, we live and have our being
When You sing, all my fears are put to rest
When you sigh, the wind becomes a sonnet
When you laugh, the storm around me ceases
You whisper, and all my enemies are scattered
You surround me with angels on assignments

What a wondrous thing! Let the beautiful word wondrous ring out; let them resound! Now, don’t just whisper these statements. Say them. Sing them! What beautiful truths that we can stand to sing! They are supernatural truths that we can write upon our hearts for who He is and what He can do for us. Let us have such a high view of God, and more! Let us have strength in our hearts because of it.

Cause when I fall to my knees / You’re the one who pulls me up again

I’m lonely. I’m sad. I want to cry. I’m in grief. I feel abandoned. I feel weak. I feel it’s just me against the world. My heart is alone. How do I start to believe a different story? God is with us.

God is  a counselor and shepherd to our spirits and souls. He’s a partner with my heart at all times. He comforts me and asks me to stand. It is a choice I need to make in my heart. He’ll show me to look at the world and my circumstances with comfort, not fear. He’ll empower me to take one step with Him. He pulls me up out of my darkness into the realm of a faith walk with God. The key is WITH God. Not by ourselves. Not on our own. But WITH Him. Once strengthened, we can walk in freedom. He’s the love of our hearts. It’s always Him. It’s always Him.

What a mystery / That You notice me
And in a crowd of ten thousand

Imagine a person so good, so loving, so pure and beautiful noticing you. That person wants to be present in your life and desires to foster a healthy and intimate relationship that serves as the foundation and platform for your security, identity, development, and love. Will you open your heart to that? Will you accept that offer? Or will you wall the proposition off from your heart, thinking it incredulous or that you don’t need that?

The truth is, God has chosen you. God has chosen all of us. We are each personal to Him. We each have our own relationship with Him. Let those relationships be hidden in God in our hearts! But also let us share in vulnerability and tenderness of God’s power and God’s mercy in our life. God sees it all. He see all of us. He sees all of our lives. Only He can connect all those on this Earth so that relationships and encounters happen at His will. Let God guide us in our own walk and He’ll use our relationship with Him like a thread and weave together His chosen out of a crowd of 10,000 to perform His work in us and through us. This is a beautiful mystery, a wondrous thing, and something we can rejoice and live out.

You don’t miss a thing
‘Cause You see everything

God, you don’t miss a thing. You don’t miss a spot on my heart. You don’t miss the desires, the pain, or the struggle inside my heart! You don’t miss my yearnings, my longings, and my heart’s cry! You feel every tear and you know my every grief. But you also know my joys. You know my soul. You are in my very being. You desire to give me spiritual freedom to better walk with you. You know my true spirit inside. You are God and you see everything. Everything in me is yours. Everything of me came from you and is wanting to be in the image of you. See this! Help me love myself just as You love me! Just as You see and know me, show me how You see me!

And I am seen and I am known

Yes I am! I am seen! I am known! I’m here! He sees me! My heart is known by His and He sees me and calls on me! Oh the wholeness that comes from being full seen and fully known! How much of our life is spent trying to fill a void in our hearts and relationships of being seen and known for who we are? So often when we aren’t able to be connected fully to others we carry the burden and variance on our hearts. We feel left out and so our self tries to become our own best friend or we fill the void with substitutes for real intimacy. What if we could say, I am seen and I am known! Already! Fully! Deeply! Wonderfully! Completely! Can we connect to that? Can we get through our heartache and walk in the realm with God where our hearts are radiant with His light?

By the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

The one who knows us is no other than God himself. He is mine. I am His. He is the King of Kings. He is the Lord of Lords. Our God isn’t just someone who knows us. He is the supreme majesty of the universe, full of indescribable love, justice, and wonder. The supreme being! God! You are God! Holy above all things! And you know me. You see me. If this doesn’t move your heart, you haven’t opened it up. Release the confining tension in your heart and meet the Lord Your God!

There’s no place I can (could) go Your love (that You) won’t find me

Let’s read this sequence as our souls wander and wonder how far God goes with us:

(starting with a wishful and downcast heart)
There’s no place I can go Your love won’t find me

No place I can hide that You don’t see
No place I could fall that Your love couldn’t catch me
You see it all, You see it all through the eyes of love

(building in assuredness)
There’s no place I could go Your love won’t find me
No place I could hide that You can’t see
No place I could fall that Your love wouldn’t catch me
You see it all, You see it all
You’re in everything, You’re all around me

(building in intensity, a declaration!)


(our heart cries out completely with full energy and life force unto God)

What a sweet melody! There is nowhere we could go! These verses should be some of the strongest cries of our heart and we declare to our souls and to our God that no matter how lost or far we are, there is no place…no place…where God can’t go…and nowhere God can’t find us. This is a foundation of our trust, reliance, faith, love, and brokenness toward Him.

In each variation of a we learn the different scenarios that God is there. For example:
There’s no place I can go Your Love won’t find me (we are active; His love is moving with us)
There’s no place I could go Your Love won’t find me (we are imagining; His love will be there)
There’s no place I could go that You won’t find me
(we are planning; God, He, will find us)

There’s no place God, no place I could ever be apart from you. And so I connect with You because You are here, and you are with me. You find me. You pursue me. You impress on my being your weighty yet gentle presence. I come to you. I know this now secretly and sweetly. I’m yours.

No place I can (could) hide that You don’t (can’t) see

I can’t run away. There is no place I could go. But why am I running? In the garden of Eden, Adam’s first response after original sin was to hide at God’s approach. Insecurity and is woven deep into our being, laced with fear and self-concern. Avoiding God and posturing ourselves comes so naturally to us who live in the flesh rather than the spirit. We deceive ourselves not coming into the light. Who do we think we’re fooling? God not only knows our hiding place, but sees everything in our heart. Our hearts are laid bare before Him at all times. Can we really let ourselves not be all that we can be?

We think we can cover our hearts, lying and controlling in our schemes. But that’s simply our own sin. God is not deceived nor mocked We think we can hide, but it is denying God His presence and relationship and living in unbelief! We can act out savagely to prove our depravity and how God does nothing. What we are actually doing is affronting and denying God’s love. We think He won’t love us and so we hide in our own shame. Instead, we should let our guard down and be vulnerable! Only then can we acknowledge God humbly and lovingly, even in our own shame, to receive God’s reproach and grace in full!

It is here our perspective changes. No longer is “God sees everything” a phrase of condemnation and fear. “God sees everything” is now a place of thanksgiving so that we can come honestly before a perfect and loving judge, freely, so that we may be cleansed, make our hearts clean, and be vulnerable for righteousness. There’s no place I could hide that You don’t see. And I wouldn’t want it any other way! I’ll obey immediately. I desire a clean conscience. I desire my presence before You.  There is no shame or condemnation coming before you but my own insecurity and fear which I banish and do not obey.

No place I could fall that Your love couldn’t (wouldn’t) catch me

Even as I hide and rage, even as I fall into sin and into every human temptation and grief, there’s no place I could fall that Your love wouldn’t catch me and hold me. You let me break so I can be fixed by You. You let me fall so that I can be in your arms. You can help me turn around. You embrace me. You love me.

When I’m misunderstood Your love understands me!

It doesn’t meant that I am in the right. It does mean that God is there to guide me. I don’t have to feel lost! I have my place and God is here with me! Let me follow my shepherd! My heart is valiantly going back to the path and God is my leader! A return to order! A return to peace.

You see it all / You see it all through the eyes of love

God, when you look at me, you see everything. You see my heart and you see both the light and the darkness within it. And what you see is not a mess, but rather a spirit of life in me that needs to be stirred. You see my good spirit that is acting through dysfunctional patterns and sin because of the habitual slavery in my life. You help separate me from that slavery and strengthen my heart. You encourage me and empower me to be free. I begin to know in my heart and conscience what is the right path and how to resist evil. As I obey, you guide me in love. You are a loving father. You want to move me along the path of light. Your love is what remains! It’s like walking into a sunrise.

You see it all / You’re in everything
You’re all around me / You surround me with your song

I declare this because it’s yet so hard to remember. I forget to look for you in everything. I seem to think there is only one channel and one posture in which I can find you. But you are so infinitely vast and so infinitely present that opening my intuition and my senses feels like everything around me is alive and connected to you! How could I have missed this!

In fact, when I am so open to all that is around me, I hear your song singing to me in everything! [I can feel you all around me, thickening the air I’m breathing. You’re holding on to what I’m feeling, savoring my heart that’s healing. You whisper you love me, and I begin to fade into our secret place. The music makes me sway. The music is in everything. The angels singing say we are alone with you. I am alone with you, and they are too.] (“All Around Me” by Flyleaf)

When I withdraw still You pursue

Fear, concern, doubt, unbelief. All of these things come and we withdraw from our position into darkness. God still remains. The light still calls. He pursues us through our darkness to call us again toward Him. Often we retreat and wall Him off however. I can be a long time until our hearts are open again. But God is there waiting and wants to pull us back to the light.

Come and see me, come and know me, come and search my heart

You pursue me oh God! Let me open myself up to pursue you. And so I ask here humbly with an open heart, “Come and see me, come and know me. My heart is yours to know. My heart is yours to find. You are like a husband who whispers over his wife’s heart, knowing her intimately and holding her gently with all the affection and suspense of a lover. Come and search my heart. I desire to be your bride.

and make me / Like You, like You (new, make me new) / I wanna be just like You

I know that as you search my heart, you will remove my pain. As you heal my heart, I understand that removing the pain, defilement, sin, and despair of my heart may be uncomfortable and even painful. For when one interacts with darkness, we feel the weight of it. And yet you have authority over it. I know the discomfort is only temporary and is part of the healing process. I will endure the pain because I want to be made new! I count my old ways of my heart loss and now want a cleaner heart to live from. I want to be ever more like you! Oh Pure One, I want my heart to shine. Let your Spirit and let my faithful obedience cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

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