Stories of Disconnection #3

Different hearts: One heart that believes and loves single-mindedly, and one heart that doubts itself and tries to love with a concern for self. Truth: Unbelief and lack of trust in self erodes the foundation of healthy love in a person’s heart.

Lack of freedom: Commitment without a basis for mutual consent, mutual self expression, and a lack of mutual understanding and accountability … [Continue reading]

Letters: Rebuke. Enough.

From: Her
To: Me
Subject: Enough

I’m sorry I’m not enough for you.

You think we can’t be lovers, only friends trying for it; you think your feelings will never truly be authentic because they are a choice to act in a romantic way toward another instead of a reaction or response. You’re so focused on your own … [Continue reading]

Letters: Wounded

From: Her
To: Me
Subject: Why?

You dumped me, shredded me to pieces while doing it, and robbed me of most of my confidence (I’m just really good at hiding that). In our relationship you were inconsolable and I continually had the life drained out of me.

At this point I see no point to get back together with the … [Continue reading]

Stories of Disconnection #2

The following story is the result of a tragic choice and separation from God. It tells of the hardness of a person’s heart and that detachment from all things ends up destroying all that is good in a person’s life.

A Tragic Love

I stared at her across the couch. She saw me. I saw her. My body was talking; my mind … [Continue reading]

Letters: Silence

From: Me
To: Her
Subject: Silence

In the Midst of Deafening Silence

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I still can’t bring myself to talk to you. My heart is still filled with frustration toward you. But it is also filled with compassion and longing to know you, and to thank you for the time you spent … [Continue reading]