Fish Lake Trails 2015

1 year, 1 week, and a few hours to the day, I’m back at the Fish Lake Trails for another photo adventure! I was so excited when I saw that the leaves were still vibrant. I came very late in the season, one of the last possible weekends, and I feared the wind and waning opportunity window had blown all my plans away. … [Continue reading]

Fish Lake Trails 2014

Another year of Fish Lake autumn trails is in the books! This year I brought a first-generation Go-Pro to capture the trails in near-HD. The pictures did not turn out as expected. The fish-eye lens instead created something completely new. The canopy was pulled into the same shot as the ground-level view, putting into perspective the towering shape and presence … [Continue reading]

2014 Venture Expeditions Midwest Tour Interview

And so it all starts with a question. Over the past week as I’ve talked with more people back home, my answers to, “How was your 500 mile bike ride?” have slowly transformed.

How as your trip? It was totally awesome. It was an amazing experience. The journey was worth it.

What was … [Continue reading]

Venture Expeditions: Midwest Cycling Tour 2014


I’m cycling for a cause! Cycling is one of my passions. There is nothing like riding with another person and using each other’s strengths to navigate uncharted territory. What if that territory is in another country? And what if navigating together means providing resources for those desperately in need? This summer, that’s why I’m riding, … [Continue reading]

Fish Lake Trails 2013

In 2012, I made a trip to Fish Lake and Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove. The sights were so spectacular that I wanted to make it an annual event! There is something to be said however for arriving at the right time. The light needs to be just right (usually early afternoon) and the leaves and trees also … [Continue reading]

Ironman Wisconsin 2013 – A Spectator’s Personal Narrative

I couldn’t imagine being in the water as the cannon sounded over the waters of Lake Monona. That sound means no turning back. That sound means “go” and don’t stop until finished. 140.6 miles later.

The IRONMAN had just begun. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run.

This year, my brother was the one in the water. With … [Continue reading]

Wisconsin Ironman Spectator Guide

Your athlete has been prepping for months and months. They’ve swam more miles than most 5Kers jog in an entire year. They’ve biked enough miles to cross the US from north to south. And they’ve run more miles than the amount of driving you do in a single week. The training for each of these three sport disciplines isn’t just … [Continue reading]

Fish Lake Trails 2012

I woke up on a Saturday in the autumn of 2012 and heard a voice. Nature seemed to call out to me, “Today is the day. Come find me before the changing of the seasons.” I instinctively knew where to go. I had been there before. The Chain of Lakes. Fish Lake Trails. Elm Creek Park.

It’d be a long … [Continue reading]

My Introduction to Cycling

There is nothing like the feeling of arriving at a destination under your own power – your human power. As a human, you are an elite organic engine that can adapt and be trained into higher and higher levels of fitness and technique. One of the primary purposes of an engine is transportation, and while it may seem daunting at … [Continue reading]