Songs: This Is Living Now

Artists: Hillsong Young & Free, LeCrae
This Is Living – EP
Written by Aodhan King, Joel Davies & LeCrae
© 2015 Hillsong Church T/A Hillsong Music Australia
Exclusive License Capitol CMG Label Group/Sparrow Records. All Rights Reserved.

Letters: Cherishing Cherise

From: Cherise
Subject: Soul Healing

I have seen many supernatural things in my relationship with Jesus. I totally agree with Todd White! I operate in some gifting but have been mentored for a year by an awesome woman of God mainly for soul healing. I have cut soul ties, generational spirits and assignments, and am … [Continue reading]

Songs: What Would I Be Without You?

If you were to write your own songs, would they reflect your soul? When I first heard Jessica’s original songs, I could tell that her songs reflected her soul and her lifelong relationship with God. Her songs have a unique energy and pace to them. Her music is refreshing and upbeat. She wants all her life to reflect … [Continue reading]

God, Be Here

Sometimes I’m so frustrated with God and my broken communication patterns with Him that all I want is Him in a corporeal form so that I can actually speak to Him in physical interaction. I want to see God here in THIS world, in my physical circumstances (perhaps as a little floating ball of fire on my desk); I don’t want to have to hear my own voice … [Continue reading]

Songs: Forever

Artist: Bethel Music
You Make Me Brave
Released: 2014
Written by Brian Johnson, Kari Jobe, Jenn Johnson, Gabriel Wilson, Joel Taylor, Christa Black Gifford
© 2013 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). Worship Together Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing). All Rights Reserved.

The Truth In Music

Music is one of the most powerful tools in existence to move a person’s heart. Songs provide context for emotions, feelings, concepts, impressions, and they often express what we feel inside or know with particularly articulate and empathetic passion. Within each of us, we have our own personal stories and meanings that we have yet to fully express and release. Those are … [Continue reading]

Lessons On Being A Christian from Todd White

What is the Christian life like? What should it be like? I’ll admit, it can be hard to find something authentic amidst the dogma, legalism, mysticism, complacency, and often cluelessness in the church-going crowd at large. What is the Christian message? What is it to walk in the power of God? What is a personal relationship with God like? For … [Continue reading]

Songs: Ever Be

Artist: Bethel Music
We Will Not Be Shaken (Live)
Written by Kalley Heiligenthal, Gabriel Wilson, Chris Greely, Bobby Strand
© 2014 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

A Clean Conscience

How do we work toward a clean conscience? Simply this: in your relationship with God or others, confess with an open heart to all the work that needs to be done. First adore God to re-establish an honest heart connection, and then confess any blemish on your soul. This requires awareness and being vulnerable to your intuition; bare your heart … [Continue reading]

Letters: A Hope

From: Me
To: Her
Subject: Re: Why?

I’m sorry I hurt you! The wounds don’t easily go away. The heart run deep. But there IS hope! It’s through being real and authentic, just like your letter. It’s through vulnerability, like your letter. And it is through love, peace, and acceptance in God’s presence and His redeeming promises that … [Continue reading]