The Truth In Music

Music is one of the most powerful tools in existence to move a person’s heart. Songs provide context for emotions, feelings, concepts, impressions, and they often express what we feel inside or know with particularly articulate and empathetic passion. Within each of us, we have our own personal stories and meanings that we have yet to fully express and release. Those are … [Continue reading]

Stories of Disconnection #2

The following story is the result of a tragic choice and separation from God. It tells of the hardness of a person’s heart and that detachment from all things ends up destroying all that is good in a person’s life.

A Tragic Love

I stared at her across the couch. She saw me. I saw her. My body was talking; my mind … [Continue reading]

Stories of Disconnection #1

My real self? What is that? My real self is the narrative that tells the story of my inner life. Or is it? Isn’t this narrative a fluctuating story of my thoughts and attitudes that occasionally run parallel to or reaches a tangent with my real self? Is this just my inner voice, or ego? What if my real self … [Continue reading]