Lessons On Being A Christian from Todd White

What is the Christian life like? What should it be like? I’ll admit, it can be hard to find something authentic amidst the dogma, legalism, mysticism, complacency, and often cluelessness in the church-going crowd at large. What is the Christian message? What is it to walk in the power of God? What is a personal relationship with God like? For … [Continue reading]

Featured: A Poem Called Grace – A Conversation With God

This poem and spoken word highlights the battle of the common man or woman and the uncommon unconditional love of God. The authors of “Conversation with God” are Sebastian Carson and Tilmon Keaton. You can find more of their real, inspired, and divinely-dedicated work at https://www.youtube.com/user/ImperialLighthouse. You can also purchase a meditation journal to help guide you and sow … [Continue reading]

Stop! Be Still And Know…

Stop. Stop! STOP!!!

Slow down. Your mind is going way too fast. Settle down! You have nowhere to go. Nowhere to think to. Be here! Be STILL! Let your heart slow down. With each ever slower beat of your heart, your mind begins to unwind further and further and further…

Repeat the top instructions until you are calmed down. Read each … [Continue reading]

Prayer of Countenance

Heavenly Father,
For all those in the coming pages, and all those in the chapters of the church, past, present, and future, we pray for an inconvenient life! We desire to produce works by faith, our labor prompted by love, with an endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our hearts have been broken. Our eyes have … [Continue reading]

Purposefully Backwards

I am attempting to do something strange: go backwards in life while retaining all the knowledge and desires to move forward. I’m not sure it is entirely possible, but that risk is something I am determined to take. Will my mind and spirit follow my heart’s desire to dive into my past and explore my inner world? Or will I … [Continue reading]