Letters: Cherishing Cherise

From: Cherise
To: MyLifeInsideMyHead.com
Subject: Soul Healing

I have seen many supernatural things in my relationship with Jesus. I totally agree with Todd White! I operate in some gifting but have been mentored for a year by an awesome woman of God mainly for soul healing. I have cut soul ties, generational spirits and assignments, and am … [Continue reading]

Notes: Kyle Roger Spoken Word

The following exposition is in relation to Kyle Roger’s spoken word on praising the Lord inspired by the Psalms. It resonated with me because it hit on the key truths of why we praise:

  • Praising God with all our being leads to an abundant lifelong relationship with God.
  • Our praise accomplishes more that we think or feel; it … [Continue reading]
  • Stories of Disconnection #3

    Different hearts: One heart that believes and loves single-mindedly, and one heart that doubts itself and tries to love with a concern for self. Truth: Unbelief and lack of trust in self erodes the foundation of healthy love in a person’s heart.

    Lack of freedom: Commitment without a basis for mutual consent, mutual self expression, and a lack of mutual understanding and accountability … [Continue reading]

    God, Be Here

    Sometimes I’m so frustrated with God and my broken communication patterns with Him that all I want is Him in a corporeal form so that I can actually speak to Him in physical interaction. I want to see God here in THIS world, in my physical circumstances (perhaps as a little floating ball of fire on my desk); I don’t want to have to hear my own voice … [Continue reading]

    Letters: Surrender

    From: Me
    To: Myself (Journal)
    Subject: Sickening Control

    “Take 3-6 months and get healthy. Then when things cool off, see where we both are.” That was today. Looking back, I had been an unholy judge. In my immaturity and self-interest to create space until I was ready, I had put emotional poison into her … [Continue reading]

    Letters: Rebuke. Enough.

    From: Her
    To: Me
    Subject: Enough

    I’m sorry I’m not enough for you.

    You think we can’t be lovers, only friends trying for it; you think your feelings will never truly be authentic because they are a choice to act in a romantic way toward another instead of a reaction or response. You’re so focused on your own … [Continue reading]

    Letters: A Hope

    From: Me
    To: Her
    Subject: Re: Why?

    I’m sorry I hurt you! The wounds don’t easily go away. The heart run deep. But there IS hope! It’s through being real and authentic, just like your letter. It’s through vulnerability, like your letter. And it is through love, peace, and acceptance in God’s presence and His redeeming promises that … [Continue reading]

    Featured: A Poem Called Grace – A Conversation With God

    This poem and spoken word highlights the battle of the common man or woman and the uncommon unconditional love of God. The authors of “Conversation with God” are Sebastian Carson and Tilmon Keaton. You can find more of their real, inspired, and divinely-dedicated work at https://www.youtube.com/user/ImperialLighthouse. You can also purchase a meditation journal to help guide you and sow … [Continue reading]