Letters: Surrender

From: Me
To: Myself (Journal)
Subject: Sickening Control

“Take 3-6 months and get healthy. Then when things cool off, see where we both are.” That was today. Looking back, I had been an unholy judge. In my immaturity and self-interest to create space until I was ready, I had put emotional poison into her … [Continue reading]

Sassiness – A Missing Piece

How does one reclaim their sassiness? Is sassiness even the right word? Am I simply looking to be confident, secure, assured, and whole, from which I can enjoy a bit of humor and cheekiness? No matter, this is a power that has been long locked away in my being since childhood, largely from “showing off” my God-given talents and getting razed … [Continue reading]

Letters: Unholy Judge

From: Me
To: Myself (Journal)
Subject: A Real Account of Things


They say she’s moved on, but has experienced great healing. Deep down, I know part of what she is healing from, because I wanted her to face her own demons in the void of uncertainty. I rejected her. Soundly. Nearly completely. She had reached out to … [Continue reading]

Letters: Rebuke. Enough.

From: Her
To: Me
Subject: Enough

I’m sorry I’m not enough for you.

You think we can’t be lovers, only friends trying for it; you think your feelings will never truly be authentic because they are a choice to act in a romantic way toward another instead of a reaction or response. You’re so focused on your own … [Continue reading]