Letters: Cherishing Cherise

From: Cherise
To: MyLifeInsideMyHead.com
Subject: Soul Healing

I have seen many supernatural things in my relationship with Jesus. I totally agree with Todd White! I operate in some gifting but have been mentored for a year by an awesome woman of God mainly for soul healing. I have cut soul ties, generational spirits and assignments, and am … [Continue reading]

Notes: Kyle Roger Spoken Word

The following exposition is in relation to Kyle Roger’s spoken word on praising the Lord inspired by the Psalms. It resonated with me because it hit on the key truths of why we praise:

  • Praising God with all our being leads to an abundant lifelong relationship with God.
  • Our praise accomplishes more that we think or feel; it … [Continue reading]
  • The Truth In Music

    Music is one of the most powerful tools in existence to move a person’s heart. Songs provide context for emotions, feelings, concepts, impressions, and they often express what we feel inside or know with particularly articulate and empathetic passion. Within each of us, we have our own personal stories and meanings that we have yet to fully express and release. Those are … [Continue reading]