Featuring: Kyle Roger Spoken Word

I met Kyle at a concert by Jessica Holt, who featured Kyle as a spoken word artist in her set list. His words moved me because they were his personal words to God. They were direct, truthful, and complete; there was nothing lacking. Truth is complete and brief. He extolled the Lord in his revelations of scripture and the delight of … [Continue reading]

Featured: A Poem Called Grace – A Conversation With God

This poem and spoken word highlights the battle of the common man or woman and the uncommon unconditional love of God. The authors of “Conversation with God” are Sebastian Carson and Tilmon Keaton. You can find more of their real, inspired, and divinely-dedicated work at https://www.youtube.com/user/ImperialLighthouse. You can also purchase a meditation journal to help guide you and sow … [Continue reading]