Venture Expeditions: Midwest Cycling Tour 2014


I’m cycling for a cause! Cycling is one of my passions. There is nothing like riding with another person and using each other’s strengths to navigate uncharted territory. What if that territory is in another country? And what if navigating together means providing resources for those desperately in need? This summer, that’s why I’m riding, and I’d love for you to partner with me.

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450 miles. 6 days. A life event! Venture’s Midwest Tour is an epic cycling expedition from Minneapolis to Chicago this July. This is more than just a bike ride. It’s a journey! A journey to create community. A journey of an individual to grow and become a leader. And it is a journey to provide hope.


To raise funds and awareness in order to provide for essential human needs (food, water, shelter, justice, and freedom) in areas of the globe that need a greater force at work. This trip is led by Venture Expeditions, an organization that works in Northern Thailand and Eastern Burma to alleviate oppression and injustice inflicted upon refugees fleeing civil war, food shortages and the lack of educational opportunities for the communities Venture serves.


Come along with me by contributing to the cause! Consider sharing $20. To make a tangible impact, I’m raising $3,000 to support Venture’s efforts for education, food security, and discipleship. All of the donations will go to Venture and are tax deductible!

Personal Step of Faith: 

This is the first time I have taken a step toward holistically being a part of a missions trip. To me, this means personal sacrifice and risk: a sacrifice of the body, mind, and spirit. Considering the discipline and training this trip will require as well as the opportunity to stand behind not only an organization, but to actively support the Gospel message, this trip is a wonderful sacrifice and platform for change.

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On the 450 mile trip, we will be stopping in local churches and communities to share and raise further awareness for Venture’s humanitarian cause in SE Asia. Venture also partners with organizations like Convoy of Hope, Blood:Water Mission, International Justice Mission, Feed My Starving Children. Each of these organizations makes an impact by:

– building healthy communities that provide stability and platforms for family and individual growth

– feeding and providing water to children and families in poverty, especially in disaster areas

– fighting human trafficking and helping to heal and restore victims

– providing critical education (secular and Christian) to the next generation

All of these causes are important both locally and internationally. The cause is great. Each and every person helped is a success in itself; each life is precious. Imagine if a person from your family was in critical need and was helped by these organizations and you were able to reunite with them after the period of hardship. All those in need have a name. All of them have a story. All of them need our help.

Venture Expeditions is but one channel to all those in need. Help support the cause! Help support Venture.


I will continue to post educational articles and writings that will share my personal growth and awareness as a person loved and learning to live for God. I hope you will get a lot out of such articles. Providing food for thought is just one way I can repay you for your kindness! The past year has been incredibly transformational in my life, and the coming year will create a new life in me that I can share with all of you.

Thank you again for your help! =)

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