Why I Write

Why I Write

I write to tell about the truth of the human experience and the human heart.
I write to help us see and escape the trappings of our mind and emotions.
I write to bring us from darkness to light!
I write to unveil a great abundance of life through God!
I write to let you know that God loves you.
I write to tell you that Jesus Christ is your savior, and knowing Him is the most amazing and transformational experience in this world and the next.
God loves you because He made you special and beautiful.
Ask to meet Him.

I also write because I want to.
I write to finally start living out loud.
I’ve lived for so long in my own mind that I am an alien to this world.
I write to reconnect, grow, and mature.
I write to challenge myself.
I write to teach myself.
I write because my soul cries out for expression.
I write to keep my sanity, and I hope it will help others do the same.

I write to share my life.
I write to relate to people, or at least try to.
I write to tell stories – my stories – my truths.
I write to educate.
I write to keep even myself accountable to the lessons I’ve learned.
I write to change lives, including my own.
I write to save lives, mine and yours.


What can I possibly write about that accomplishes all these things? Writing about true life! True life is spiritual freedom and experiencing the reality of a personal, present, and life-giving relationship with God, Jesus Christ.

The Paths Of Our Soul And Flesh Are Dead Ends

The normal path of our lives is to do life as we see fit. Amidst all the good things we can do, we still experience suffering, struggle, disappointment, and striving for life. We can get trapped behind limited circumstances, or we can try and do more and measure up to our own justifications and ego. But this is not true life nor is it living in abundant love. We need something greater – a greater energy, greater love, a greater life force other than our own. Such a greater thing is this: our spirit enlivened by God.

Why? Because by ourselves we are incomplete. We can’t love others fully all from our own striving. We can’t make everything right using our own capacities. We can’t constantly serve others with all our effort and feel filled up. We can’t find fulfillment serving ourselves either, no matter how optimistic our dispositions are.

In fact, everything that we strive for out of our own energy can never fulfill because in the end something about the effort itself depletes us and causes us suffering and cost. Expectations will create wants, needs, desires, and disappointment. Emotional dependencies will create addictive habits, misplaced identification of our self, or an idol that becomes an unhealthy object of our affections. And as we chase our desires, the horizon is always moving as we strive for it and no one is ever going to give back to us in the proportion that we put in. We will never be made completely whole from things outside of ourselves that we desire. We will never be made completely whole from things inside ourselves that we try and make a reality. This is part of our nature. God made us so that only He could fulfill us.

Striving for our own completion will lead to the destruction of ourselves. We need something greater outside of our striving that makes us whole in acceptance, satisfaction, and love. This is the truth of the world. I have denied it for too long and entered into a world of blind self-sufficiency, striving to control all outcomes. It was too much for me; I lived more out of fear than love.

Has anyone in our culture achieved complete happiness and love by striving and chasing desire? Isn’t that what our current culture is about? Is our culture full of purity and abounding contentment? No. Far from it. It is full of sickness and depravity. The model of striving is a model of life and love that doesn’t work. Can you accept this? Can you? Can you accept this as truth? Or does part of you wish that you could receive a full measure of what you want or work for? It’s ok if you think that, because this too is in your nature. You, like all of us, have a carnal and selfish nature. But, following such a nature is a dead end. True life is not found in it.

The only way to pure contentment, joy, and our life purpose is through submission to a higher way of existing in a new spiritual life and a new spiritual nature. Striving isn’t the answer. We need to surrender to a feeling of being loved, not by what we do or create, but because we simply exist. Unconditional love. Acceptance. Gratefulness. Peace. Joy. The love of God.

The Eastern Path Misses A Personal Relationship With The Personal Holy God

Eastern religions try to achieve “inner peace” and “end to suffering” by removing themselves from their emotions, thoughts, and desires in order to feel and identify with an inner essence which is already whole, loving, and content. Since the mind, ego, and world structures are at enmity with inner peace, Eastern religions practice non-attachment, non-identification, non-judgment, non-reaction, and acceptance of the present. This removes them from perceiving the world through the lens of the ego. Once there, feeling and learning to acting out of the inner presence and consciousness of being is the next part of the “spiritual path”. But where is good and evil? Has good simply been replaced with enlightment and evil with ignorant actions? Where is the truth of justice and forgiveness?

The path they follow is a that of an inner path of separating from suffering within our being and then learning to live through the present inner life that cannot be destroyed (known as living an eternal life). In the end, they achieve to learn the secret of “being content and present in all things” through a spiritual practice. There is much wisdom in going beyond the self in order to dwell more in the spiritual part of our being. However, contentment and love should not simply be an attitude of the mind or a present state of being, but an outward reaction toward the world from our heart. Beyond suffering and in harmony, what is the experience like when we are there? Do we come to know our hearts? Or do we deny it? Does it satisfy our spiritual appetites? Do we feel content and satisfied and whole? Or are we simply in a vacuum? Is our individuality denied? Do we even have a self? Do we even have boundaries? What of our strengths and gifts? Does my uniqueness serve a purpose?

People on this path can get caught up in the means of spiritual practice rather than knowing the end experience and purpose. In more mystical terms, the eastern and new age paths “try to be at one with the universe” and “at one with the universal presence of life, love, and ascension of consciousness.” But why? What purpose does it serve other than to feel “harmonious” and at peace? If it is to encounter a life-giving presence within ourselves, do we know what that is? Why is it there? What is this inherent peace, love, joy, and acceptance that permeates the spiritual and natural universe? Why is there a breath of life found in encountering it? Why is the universal spiritual presence one of life and not death? How can “the universal consciousness” transcends time, space, and existence itself, being in all things and of all things? Do we truly find and accept living a purposeful life from the spirit, inspired by spiritual revelation and experience?

The True Spiritual Life

True life is spiritual freedom and experiencing the reality of a personal, present, life giving relationship with God, Jesus Christ. The truth of this world is the goodness of God. We live in a spiritual world. We are spiritual beings. He created us. That is why have a spiritual life to live in the first place! His presence is just one facet of our experience with God.

God is good. God is loving. God is righteous. God is just. He is the giver of all life. God is: God the Father. Jesus Christ the Son. And God the Holy Spirit. He is the creator, sustainer, and lover of your soul and spirit. He is the one we meet and He is the one who nourishes our spirit. Our relationship with Him gives us the true life in our inner being to live joyously, faithfully, and well throughout all our days. Abiding in Him keeps us on the path to what we were personally created for.

Our Human Struggle

Our human struggle to accept the existence of God and a spiritual reality can be a difficult one. We try all different human means in order to do so; but human means are not one of acceptance or faith. As a result we struggle. Why? Because if someone told you of reality, what to do, and to believe in God and have a relationship with Him, would you really follow? No. Everyone hates rules without understanding, except those with courageous and fully good hearts. Everyone needs relationship and guidance until our hearts are purified and become the greatest treasure of this world. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher. Jesus is our Redeemer. And God the Father is the True Life for our hearts.  A relationship with Him will take time to unfold. But that’s what He wants. Jesus is a personal God and He does not want us simply believing in Him, but rather getting knowing and experiencing Him. Patience. Trusting. Exchanging stories. Love. Acceptance. And faith. Action will come later.


If you can accept this at face value, that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He has forgiven yours sins, He can set a new spirit and heart in you, that He desires abundant life for you, and He wants to be first in your heart to guide you into all True and Good things, would you ask to encounter Him? Would you ask to know Him? Would you open your whole heart and ask for His abundant life and love for your soul to be spiritually free and in love with God? If yes, then do so.

For those of you who can’t, I will take you on the journey that God has shown me, that you too may believe. That is what this blog is about. I want to walk with you.

I believe in telling stories. I believe in not simply stating facts and truth without context. The church can be relevant, not simply a dogmatic expression of truth. This article and its claims need to be revealed and explained as truth. I can’t simply write off others ways of life unless there is a redeeming truthful path out of it into true existence. I believe in giving us both the human and spiritual reality in which we live so that we can struggle in pain, but also joy, growth, learning and life. There is also truth in teaching and sharing our human experience. Pain, suffering, struggle, emotional turmoil, hardship, unfulfilled desires and longings, purposelessness, loneliness. All of these things can get us caught up in trying to understand the interdependent life of our spirit, soul and body. We can get lost in the mire of the unseen. This is why I write: to share the word of God and guide us in His truth. And it will be an incredible story.

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