Letters: Wounded

From: Her
To: Me
Subject: Why?

You dumped me, shredded me to pieces while doing it, and robbed me of most of my confidence (I’m just really good at hiding that). In our relationship you were inconsolable and I continually had the life drained out of me.

At this point I see no point to get back together with the guy who hurt me so badly, and you have given me no reasons why I should.

Instead it seems like a whole lot easier to avoid the vast amount of work, difficulty, and pain it would take to get us back together. My whole reasoning for wanting to get together and talk is so that I can understand what happened and how we’ve changed since then so I can have peace to move on.

If you want to add in us getting back together than it’s up to you to convince me that it’s worth it.

Since us getting together really makes no logical sense, you’ll have to convince me through my heart which I’m not sure you can since you’ve never taken the time to figure out what makes me tick emotionally. I’m not saying all of this to stomp on and hurt you, I just want you to know where I’m at so you won’t be planning on something that really has slim to nil chance of happening.

The fact of the matter is I’m tired of being hurt by my relationships. I’m tired of putting everything I have into someone only to have the bottom dropped out from under me.

I’m tired. So very tired of fighting. Exhausted from constantly having to put my heart back together.



So fractured that no amount of electricity will get my heart beating again.



Perhaps I’m too damaged at this point.

Too broken from everything I’ve been through.

Maybe there’s no hope for me anymore.





I hurt.

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